Exchange and return


Product return

According to the Law of Ukraine 3161-IV dated 12.01.2005 "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", underwear, including pajamas, nightgowns, combinations, bathrobes, bathing suits, is included in the list of goods of proper quality that are not subject to exchange or return, provided that they are not defective.


References to legislative acts:

1. Law on the protection of consumer rights

2. Resolution of the CMU On the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights"

3. ORDER No. 886 of 28.07.2014


We understand that choosing any clothes is a very important and difficult process. Especially for this, we measure each model (you can find the size grid on each page of the product you are interested in) and strongly recommend comparing the measurements with your parameters in order to choose everything correctly.

When you receive the ordered product, we strongly recommend that you inspect the product at the post office. Each customer, making an inspection in the presence of a post office employee, must make sure: the quality of the goods, the completeness and correctness of the order (model, size, color, etc.), and the absence of defects.

If you didn't like the product or for some other reason you don't want to pick up the order, you need to arrange for it to be returned to the sender, paying the cost of transportation costs incurred for transporting the product to you.

When you pick up the product from the post office, it means that you have made sure that the order is correct, that there is no defect, and YOU CANNOT return it, since we fulfill the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine by sending only new products.

Our Store is not responsible for defects that occurred as a result of the Consumer's violation of the rules of use, storage, and independent transportation of goods.


Defective product

Each unit of our product is subject to inspection for defects before shipment, so this moment is reduced to a minimum. But still, there is such a concept as "human factor". Therefore, if during inspection at the post office you saw that you received a defective product, you need to process the return of this product. We will replace the product for you. Everything will be done at our expense.

What is not lacking:

- a product that does not vary too much in color - it is very important to understand that all photos are taken in a photo studio and depending on the screen settings of your device, the shade of the product may differ slightly;

- crumpledness. The product goes through a long chain of transportation from the manufacturer's factory to the final buyer. If, due to the transportation process or due to other factors, the product arrived at you with small dents, such cases are not considered defective.

We strongly recommend that you inspect the item before picking it up from the post office.

What should the product be when returning?

Our return policy is quite strict because we adhere to the highest quality standards. In case of return, the product must be in its original packaging.